10 Game of Thrones tattoos that even Queen Cersei would approve of


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We’re still ages away until Game of Thrones’ final season hits the small screen (mid-2019, FYI) – and there’s going to be a possibly even longer wait until the next book.

With five (and eventually seven) books, seven television series’ and countless literary (and television) spin-offs, the fantasy series has some of the most devoted fans across the globe.

And when it comes to tattoos, they’re equally as enthusiastic.

Browsing through Instagram under #gameofthronestattoo or #gottattoo, there’s tens of thousands of inking ideas from fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire series on how to profess your love for the Starks, the Baratheons, the Greyjoys or even the Lannisters – just to name a few.

Whether you want to show your love for George R.R. Martin’s series, or are just looking for some ink ideas, check out these 10 enchanting tattoo ideas.

An ode to the Stark family


This delicate Dothraki design

Valar Morghulis


Mother of Dragons (and inking)


“I am the sword in the darkness….”

Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal

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Because the North remembers

The view of Castle Black


A tribute to one of the most heartbreaking scenes ever in the series


“Moon of my life, my sun and my stars.”





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