27 “Game Of Thrones” Behind-The-Scenes Stories The Cast Just Revealed During Interviews


With Game of Thrones Season 8 just around the corner, the cast (and fans) have already started to say goodbye to these beloved characters.

In anticipation of the end, HBO had the cast sit down and reflect on their journey playing their characters in The Cast Remembers.

Here are some of the best behind-the-scenes moments we learned from the cast:

1. Emilia Clarke’s first day on set featured her almost falling off a horse in Belfast — she actually yelled, “Please stop filming!”

She said she started crying shortly after and has never forgotten it.

2. They actually filmed three different versions of the scene where Jaime pushes Bran out of the tower — each version had “various levels of nakedness from Jaime.”

3. Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner’s favorite scenes were always when Arya and Sansa got to work together — especially the scene when they reunited in Season 7.

The duo could not keep it together while filming and kept laughing.

4. It took months of preparation and planning to pull off the Hound’s big fight against Brienne of Tarth.

5. While filming the scene where the Starks find the direwolves, it was actually pouring rain and almost impossible to film.

6. The first scene Kit Harington filmed was when he was simply walking down the rampart at Castle Black.

Kit said he was the most nervous he had ever been, but was glad they started with a relatively simple scene.

7. And of course, Kit’s favorite day on set was when he filmed Jon’s first scene with Ygritte. Also, Rose Leslie was his favorite actor to work with, which makes sense, considering they’re now married.

8. Lena Headey wasn’t sure if Game of Thrones would go anywhere after the pilot — she made the most of those days because it could’ve been it.

9. Peter Dinklage wasn’t sure if he wanted to even be in a fantasy show — he said he preferred portraying “real people.”

Of course, his opinion of the fantasy genre changed. He said, “It’s the most realistic show that I’ve ever done that also happens to have dragons.”

10. Rory McCann (the Hound) didn’t know the details of what happened inside the hall during the Red Wedding until he watched the episode — he simply filmed his scenes outside with Maisie.

11. John Bradley had only been on camera in drama school, so his first scene as Samwell in Game of Thrones is the first thing he ever professionally filmed.

12. The biggest challenge for Emilia was the huge scenes that involved Daenerys speaking to hundreds of extras in Dothraki.

13. For Sophie, the most shocking scene that she didn’t see coming was Ned’s death in Season 1 — it was from that point on that she realized no one was safe.

14. Iain Glen’s favorite day on set was during Season 5 when they filmed Jorah’s fight in the pits of Meereen.

His daughter was on set that day and got to watch him work.

15. And his favorite costume was Jorah’s “yellow golden shirt” that he wore forever.

He was actually really sad when he had to give it up.


16. The first scene Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ever filmed as Jaime on Game of Thrones was Robert Baratheon’s arrival at Winterfell.

17. Also during that scene, Mark Addy, who played Robert, was wearing so much clothing he couldn’t get off his horse and needed help getting down before the scene could continue.

18. One of Lena’s favorite scenes is from Season 1 when Cersei and Robert have an “honest” conversation about their marriage.

She said it was unexpected to have these two characters be so open and honest.

19. Rory’s fondest memory from the pilot involved getting on his horse, Fat Bob, for the first time, and Fat Bob not wanting to cooperate at all.

20. Liam Cunningham said one of his favorite relationships to portray on the show was Davos and Shireen — he said they were almost like an old married couple.

21. Maisie’s first day on set involved flicking the pigeon pie at Sophie.

22. All of the actors on set would sing and play music together in between takes.

23. Isaac Hempstead Wright said the moment that shocked him and was one of the more difficult scenes to film was Hodor’s “hold the door” moment.

24. John’s favorite scene to shoot was in Iceland when Sam encounters the White Walker.

25. One of Nikolaj’s favorite scenes to film was when Jaime and Brienne were alone in the bathtub together — he loved working with Gwendoline Christie and getting to see a different side to Jaime.

26. Emilia said that anytime something happened to her IRL, she would channel it into Daenerys — every major scene of Daenerys’s features some aspect of Emilia’s real-life struggles and triumphs.

She said, “Daenerys is a tapestry of my entire adult life.”

27. And finally, Kit knew Jon Snow wasn’t really dead when he never got a phone call from creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss — everyone who had died previously knew beforehand, but Kit didn’t.

David and D.B. didn’t tell Kit that Jon wasn’t actually dead until a few weeks after they filmed the scene.

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