The Best Reactions To Sansa And Daenerys Finally Meeting On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Teaser


Game of Thrones has certainly put us through a lot over the years: The plot twists, the betrayals, the rises and falls to power, the deaths. HBO released a video of its official lineup for 2019 yesterday and we cannot get over the GOT Season 8 clip where Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) appears to “hand over” Winterfell to Danaerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). Check it out below:

Let’s recap: Over seven seasons, *Lady* Sansa Stark matured from an entitled ~little girl~ to a total badass (remember when Ramsay’s dogs feasted on him and she just walked away with a smirk???). And after everything she’s been through, people refuse to believe that she’ll hand over her home to Dany just like that!

Here’s how Twitter is feeling right now:

First, did she really mean it?

Like father, like daughter.

Give Winterfell to Dany? After everything she went through?!

These seem accurate:

Here’s what other people *heard*:

Maybe she got distracted by Dany’s fashion choices.

Maybe Sansa was just being hospitable. Filipino moms will approve.

LOL at “She has pretty hair and I gave our reign to her.” You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Yes, Dany?

But maybe it’s not Dany’s fault. Why are we pitting her and Sansa against each other???

No hate, just love for this Twitter user.

Game of Thrones’ much-awaited final season will premiere in April, and while there are only six episodes, each one could be as long as a movie. OMG.




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