Cersei Reaction In The First Episode Created Amazing Fans Reaction On Twitter


The Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones had to cover a lot of ground. So the action in King’s Landing didn’t get a lot of screentime – but we did learn that Euron has successfully fetched the Golden Company from Essos for Cersei.

Euron arrives with Harry Strickland, the head of the Golden Company, and informs Cersei they have 20,000 men, 2,000 horses…and unfortunately no elephants.

Cersei is NOT impressed with this news. She did specifically mention to Jaime in the Season 7 finale that the Golden Company had elephants, so it must have been an important part of her battle plan. Either that, or she just really wanted to meet an elephant?

Cersei even brings up the lack of elephants AGAIN after she has sex with Euron. Her obsession with the elephants was a weirdly hilarious moment, so naturally people started making a lot of jokes…















“17 Hilarious “Game Of Thrones” Tumblr Jokes From Season 8 Episode 1 To Make Your Day Even Better” is locked

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