Did A ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Actor Just Tease [SPOILER’S] Elimination?


If you look online, it won’t take long to figure out why the Dragon Ball fandom is feeling antsy. Vegeta’s fate in the Tournament of Power has been suspect as of late, and one Dragon Ball Super actor is now chiming in on the debate.

Over on Twitter, Toshio Yoshita has been as active as ever with his anime teases. The actor, who voices Yamcha amongst others, asked fans to “look forward to the battle of Roshi vs Frost vs ?” that’s coming up. However, a new synopsis confirmed the third fighter was none other than Vegeta. The revelation set off a chain reaction online, and it has fans nervous.

Toshio confirmed Vegeta does fight in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super, but the actor’s next tweet was less than reassuring. A fan asked the actor if Vegeta is the next fighter to get eliminated, and Toshio wrote the following:

“That’s a secret” – and he used a smirking emoji.

The sly reply already has Vegeta fans ready to defend the Saiyan. After all, the group has been on-edge about the elimination for sometime. A fan-theory suggested the fighter may be one of Universe 7’s first members to get taken out of the Tournament. The opening for Dragon Ball Super shows a montage of Goku’s team members, and fans have speculated if its order was meant to indicate the team’s elimination pattern. So far, the theory has predicated two outings, and it calls for Vegeta to go next.

There is hope for Vegeta yet. Earlier today, a special advert for Dragon Ball Super’s 109th episode was published. The spread reveals Universe 7 will still have eight contestants remaining by the time Goku goes up against Jiren. There’s no immediate elimination in Vegeta’s future, but fans are still concerned the hot-headed prince could get eliminated before he gets his due. So, if Toshio wants to keep fans happy, he might go plead with Toei Animation to keep Vegeta in the Tournament for as long as possible.



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