‘Dragon Ball Super’ Theory May Have Figured Out Goku’s New Form


Dragon Ball fans love to wear tin-foil hats when it comes to Super Saiyan speculations, but one theory may have actually uncovered the origin of Goku’s next transformation.

If you’ve spent time online in the anime fandom, you will know there is plenty of speculation floating about for Goku’s form. The hero is slated to debut a new transformation next month on Dragon Ball Super, but fans can’t figure out how he will enter the state. However, some fans think the transformation has less to do with ki and more about Spirit Bombs.

Fans like @Terez27 are questioning whether Goku may level-up by absorbing a Spirit Bomb. A set of new episode synopses have confirmed Goku will use the attack in Dragon Ball Super’s 109th episode. The move is a rare one for Goku to break out so suddenly, and fans are wondering if the hero may need the energy housed in a Spirit Bomb to blow past his limits.

Speculation about the Spirit Bomb transformation even points to how Goku’s new state looks. The hero looks ragged despite the power-up, but the shimmering white-blue aura around his body does remind fans of a Spirit Bomb.

However, there is one issue with the Spirit Bomb transformation; The form has already been introduced, but it wasn’t considered canon.

If you have watched Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13, then you will know what a Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan is. Goku introduced the form in the film by going Super Saiyan whilst making a Spirit Bomb. The hero absorbed the energy blast into himself because of the impurity in his heart. The form gave Goku one intense power-up, but it stripped him of his consciousness.

Dragon Ball Super also featured a type of Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan. Future Trunks did absorb a Spirit Bomb during his battle with Fusion Zamasu, but he didn’t internalize it for a transformation. The fighter used the energy instead to create the Sword of Light which was strong enough to destroy the villain.

The appearance of Goku’s Spirit Bomb is something to pay attention to, but the likelihood of it influencing the hero’s new transformation is small. The form does exist for the most part already, and the producers of Dragon Ball Super has stressed the upcoming transformation is a unique one. For now, fans can only list all of the speculation surrounding Goku’s new form until the anime puts theorists out of their misery.



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