Fans react to Melisandre’s season 3 prophecy about Arya Stark killing the Night King


Arya Stark’s moment of glory is sure to get archived as one of the most iconic scenes of Game of Thrones. Being the slayer of the Night King, Arya’s ‘list’ ought to have got a grand (and slightly unexpected) addition.

As both Arya and Melisandre look on at Beric Dondarrion’s gradually breathing his last, fans worldwide must have heaved a heavy sigh considering that Winterfell’s fate looked bleak and frigid (you know, with the Night King et al).

“What do we tell death?” questions Melisandre, and an aware Arya almost blurts as a reflex, “Not today.”

The Red Woman even prophesies the imminent future by saying that Arya will also shut ‘blue’ eyes along with the multiple brown and green ones. It is then that Arya walks ahead, impassioned, to decimate the Night King and his Army of the Dead.

This in essence meant that Melisandre was aware of Arya’s fate ever since their encounter in season 3 when the priestess had informed the Stark girl that they would meet again. In fact, Melisandre had told Arya in the third season that she would shut brown, green and blue eyes in the future.

Realising this fact, fan comments have begun flooding social media. Some fans are even speculating whether the “green eyes” in the prophecy could be Cersei Lannister’s. Below are some of the best reactions.








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