This Fortnite ‘We Will Rock You’ Trailer is Epic


This Fortnite fan-made trailer — dubbed ‘Where We Droppin’?’ and set to the tune of We Will Rock You by Queen — is not only the greatest thing you will behold this weekend, but a great hype-trailer to play every time before hopping onto the battle-royale shooter.

Some might even go as far to say that it’s on par with some of the official trailers made by Epic Games itself, but maybe that’s just the spell of We Will Rock You talking.

Normally fan-made trailers wear their roots on their sleeves, aka the cinematic work is normally not quite up to professional snuff. However, this trailer from Skrubski looks straight out of a TV promotional campaign. Seriously, if Epic Games dropped this, I wouldn’t even blink, it’s that good.

There’s oodles of representative, but epic, gameplay, dramatic moments, and even the best ending to a trailer ever (John Wick playing guitar on top of a mountain).


Where We Droppin’? from FortNiteBR

Please hire this person Epic Games.

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