Gareth Bale has been costing Real Madrid a ridiculous amount of money every game


You have to feel for Gareth Bale right now.

His first couple of seasons at Real Madrid were electric.

He scored major goals in big matches and won a raft of trophies for the mantlepiece.

However, persistent injuries have hampered the Welshman’s position in the Madrid team with just four starts this season.

Bale has suffered 19 injuries since he signed for Madrid and the latest ‘cramp’ has kept him out for 45 days so far.

Zidane brought Isco in from the cold to replace Bale and his is repaying the manager’s faith, and some.

But Florentino Perez spent big to get the Welsh Wizard in, splashing out over €100 million on his services.

Bale also gets a hefty annual wage packet averaging around €19 million per season.

So, How much is Gareth Bale costing Real Madrid?

Well, according to Spanish media reports he is costing Los Blancos an outrageous €1.06 million PER GAME.

When you break that down Bale has played 159 games in five seasons, just 55% of Madrid’s games in that time.

Each minute he’s been on the pitch has cost Madrid €13,593.

That’s expensive even for a club that keeps Cristiano Ronaldo in a new Bugatti every week.

Even with his injury record Bale has still won the Champions League THREE times, a La Liga title, one Copa Del Rey and two Club World Cups.

He’s good but is he €1 million per game good?

Tell us your views in the comments below.

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