Here’s What Happened To Ghost, Rhaegal And Drogon On “Game Of Thrones”


After a very brief appearance in Season 8, Episode 2, Ghost returned to Game of Thrones this week – and marched straight into battle!!!

Which was great and all (if not TOTALLY STRESSFUL)…

Except then he didn’t come back?!?!?

He was at the front of the charge with all the Dothraki who were straight-up slaughtered, so it seemed like he HAD to be dead.

But I have good news guys! If you look carefully at this shot from the Season 8, Episode 4 trailer, you’ll see someone very important in the crowd…


I honestly have no idea how, but I’m certainly not going to complain.

As for the fire puppies – it was kind of hard to make out exactly what happened to them, especially Rhaegal – what with the dance of dragons taking place in the middle of a storm in the worse-lit episode ever of an already poorly-lit show.

Side note: it was high-key heartbreaking to have to watch Rhaegal and Drogon fight their undead brother.

While the wight Viserion perished when Arya got stabby on the Night King, Drogon and Rhaegal BOTH miraculously survived and can also be seen in the trailer for next week’s episode.


How much longer they’ll live is another matter – especially with the opening credits reminding us of Cersei’s dragon-killing scorpion every damn episode.

Let’s just take the wins where we can for now.



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