The Incredible Story Of The Romanian Teenager Who Made His Professional Debut Wearing A Prosthetic Hand


Ladies and gentlemen meet Cosmin Lambru, the 18-year-old Romanian forward who realised his dream of playing professional football this week, despite living with one hand for the past 10 years of his life.

Lambru lost his hand when he was eight after he was tragically hit by a truck. He was walking down the street with friends when the truck skidded towards him.

The youngster eventually lost some of his hand due to the seriousness of his injuries, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing a career in football.


Speaking to Romanian newspaper Daily Sport, Lambru said: “We were coming home when a truck skidded and headed towards me.

“I threw myself into the vehicle to try and get under it. I felt terrible pain but I was aware that I had been taken to hospital.

“When I returned to football, I started to learn new things and especially how to fall, just resting on one arm.

‘It was not easy at all, but I did not cry and never do it. I’m not being cared for by anyone and I do not want to be.

“I have no fear of putting my foot on the ball, being attacked harder. That’s just football, only for the strong ones. Life is a struggle that never ends.”

10 years after the tragic incident, Lambru completed the final nine minutes of third division side Petrolul Ploiest’s cup tie against Mioveni this week.

Despite all of the obstacles in his way, the 18-year-old has overcome his problems and realised his dream of a career in football.



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