Littlefinger Catspaw Dagger On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Offers Huge Aegon Targaryen Reveal


Game of Thrones is getting bigger and bigger despite an abridged run for its final season. As the series is approaching towards end lots of theories are coming out.

And the theory which we are going to discuss today wraps around the catspaw dagger. Catspaw dagger has caused nothing but trouble since it arrived on the show in the very first episode all those years ago.

The latest theory goes much deeper into the flames about the weapon’s secrets and who can claim it as their own.

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Forged In Fire

We have already seen a clueless Gilly discover that Rhaegar Targaryen had wed Lyanna Stark in secret, but Sam’s trip to the Citadel also provided context for him to come across the dagger earlier in the season.

You may remember that when searching for a Greyscale cure, the camera lingered on a very familiar looking weapon tucked in the dusty pages. In a text about Targaryen weaponry and dragonglass, the book may have inadvertently revealed that the dagger actually belonged to a rather famous Targaryen — Rhaegar Targaryen himself, to be precise!

Rhaegar’s Dagger

While the show has only given us fleeting glances at the dagger, Entertainment Weekly may as well have done a whole cover story on it. Looking closer though, notice that the gem in the hilt appears to be a precious stone, most likely a ruby.

Trying to find further, those who have read up on their Thrones history will know that Rhaegar was famed for having ruby-studded armor. During his dramatic defeat by King Robert at the Trident, the Baratheon beast hit Rhaegar with his war hammer and the rubies flew into the water — this area affectionately became known as the Ruby Ford after that.

Now we all know Bran Stark knows Jon’s lineage and is waiting for the right moment to reveal all.

Bran may indeed know the dagger’s owner, but George RR Martin’s books aren’t quite so clear — or are they? Littlefinger Implicated Tyrion Lannister by saying that he won it in a bet, but Jaime says it was Robert’s. Jaime and Tyrion then guess that it was stolen off Robert, possibly by Joffrey.

Cast your minds back to when Baelish gave Bran the dagger, the creepy cripple muttered, “Do you know who this belonged to?” It seemed like a throwaway question, but it could suggest that Bran is aware of the weapon’s true potential to stir the proverbial pot if it were revealed to be Rhaegar’s.


Howland Reed Might Know Everything

As we prepare for Season 8, fans are rightly questioning, “Where is Howland Reed?” Present at the Tower of Joy, if anyone can shed any light on what happened that fateful evening it is Howland.

If Howland Reed Ever shows up in, he might recognize the dagger or even recall the tale of how Robert Baratheon took it off a dying Rhaegar.

All the pieces fit neatly into place, and while we may not get a full-blown Battle of the Trident (we can hope), expect to see a well-timed flashback of Robert taking the dagger from a deceased Rhaegar.

What do you guys think about this theory? Discuss in the comments below!


Daenerys’ True Fate was Teased Seasons Ago In ‘Game of Thrones’

In just over ten days, HBO will unleash the final season of Game of Thrones — a season we’ve been anxiously awaiting for almost two years. As HBO’s Game of Thrones marketing efforts intensified in the past few weeks, we got to read more and more interviews with cast and crew, which revealed a few interesting details about the main battle scene of the season and the show’s finale. And some of the stars may have inadvertently dropped a few spoilers along the way.

But we still have no idea what will happen in season 8, which is excellent news for Game of Thrones fans looking to avoid significant spoilers at all costs. Fans, meanwhile, are coming up with plenty of theories about the show, and we’re about to show you an incredible write up from a Game of Thrones enthusiast who thinks she has figured out what Dany’s fate is. But before we proceed, we have to warn you that potential spoilers follow below.

When we last checked up on Daenerys, she was getting very friendly with a particular relative of hers, Jon Snow, although they still have no idea they’re part of the same family. They were heading north to prepare Winterfell for the upcoming invasion, hoping that the other houses will follow suit and send their armies to defend the north. Dany, of course, has two dragons left, which may prove to be great weapons against the Night King and his gang of undead soldiers.

However, this being Game of Thrones, a TV show where nobody is safe — well, maybe except for Jon Snow — there are no guarantees that Dany will enjoy a happy ending once the fight with the White Walkers is done. Redditor marisaann26 believes she found a massive clue while rewatching the past Game of Thrones seasons that suggests Dany will actually switch sides when this is all over:

It’s all based on a vision she had back in season 2 (see video above). Dany visited a devastated King’s Landing during winter, with snow falling in the throne room. Just as she was about to reach the throne, she was drawn beyond The Wall, into the tent with Drogo and their son. She almost stays there, but she then hears the cries of her baby dragons, and she leaves to be reunited with them.

marisaann26 thinks two parts of the vision have already come true in season 7, and the final part of this prophecy will be proven true in the last season:

S2 vision: Dany going towards the throne, but is drawn beyond the wall = when, in S7, Dany was going to go attack King’s Landing and take the throne by force, but she was told Jon and company beyond The Wall need rescuing – goes beyond the wall.

S2 vision: Dany hearing the dragon cries = S7 the dragons crying beyond the wall after Viserion was killed by the NK.

In the upcoming season, Daenerys might choose to leave Jon Snow — and their baby — behind to be with her dragons. If that’s the case, it means that both her dragons will be killed while fighting the White Walkers, and they’ll join the Night King. The only way for Dany to be with them is to switch sides and join him. A warlock did tell her during her vision that “you’ll be with your dragons through winter, summer, and winter again.”

The Redditor offered us additional clues that point to a not-so-happy end for Dany:

Well, in an interview with the actor that plays the NK, he said that “we will learn WHO the Night King is after” in an interview with Emilia Clarke (Dany), she talks about the final season and said “it fucked me up- knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is” and that Dany is doing really weird stuff.

I believe that the Night King is after Dany to be either his new queen or to take over as queen (him wanting peace=death). One way or another, both living dragons will die in battle. Distraught by losing her dragons, Dany [will] be persuaded to join the Night King to be reunited with her dragons = she gets her ICE THRONE.

Yes, it all sounds incredibly wild and dark, and Dany’s fans may not like this particular outcome. But if you’re still not convinced, then you should watch the following video, posted on YouTube in early December 2017, that draws almost the same connection between Daenerys and the Night King.


‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 1 Details have been Revealed

This post is for those of you who weren’t among the 6,000 people who filed into Radio City Music Hall Wednesday for the red carpet premiere of the first episode of Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season.

It was a star-studded, celebrity- and reporter-packed affair that toasted the beginning of the end for one of the biggest entertainment franchises ever — and which, of course, produced tons of potentially spoiler-y, supremely juicy tidbits about some of what we’re in store for once episode one finally airs on April 14.

Stop reading now if you want to go into it completely fresh, of course. Below, we’ll attempt to collect some of the details that managed to trickle out from this week’s premiere — which was a tightly guarded event that began, according to, by attendees being subjected to a warning from the projected voices of Sansa and Arya Stark.

No photos, no videos, no spoilers posted to social media, warned “Sansa.” She continued: “If your phone should happen to ring during the show, your face would look lovely on my sister’s wall.”

Jane Mulkerrins of the UK newspaper The Telegraph wrote in her recap of the screening that a giant Iron Throne sat outside in the spot where the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree is set up. Among the other highlights of her recap from the episode one screening, she writes that Daenerys learns that her dragon Viserion has been “reborn” by the Night King and was used to help his army breach the Wall. Also, it will become known pretty quick who Jon’s parents are.

“Unlike some season openers in years gone by, this eighth premiere contains no epic battles or large-scale set pieces, but what violence there is is dark, brutal and unsettling,” she writes. “That’s balanced out, however, by a noticeably lighter, more humorous tone, with plenty of witty one-liners.”

Kit Harington was in attendance at the premiere but actually had to leave early to rehearse nearby for his appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Meanwhile, according to another journalist on hand (GQ’s Jonathan Thompson), we learn that the eighth season has an all-new intro.

In his opinion, season 8’s is also the best GoT season opener ever. “This is a genuinely humorous episode,” he writes, “with a number of unexpected, laugh-out-loud moments. They begin with the very first line and continue through a series of running jokes ranging from elephants and dragons to onions and testicles.” Thompson also doesn’t fully explain himself with this next supposition, but based on what he’s seem Jonathan goes on his piece to wonder out loud whether, based on a lack of screen time, if “Varys has to be high on the death list now, closely followed by Missandei, Grey Worm, Podrick and — whisper it — Tyrion?”

It’s hard to believe the episode one air date is less than two weeks away now. “Welcome to the beginning of the end,” was the greeting that attendees Wednesday were met with from “Sansa.” What a ride it’s been.






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