Mainz Goalkeeper Robin Zentner Just Invented The ‘Ghost Pass’ By Accident


After all the controversy surrounding Patrice Evra and his Eric Cantona antics this week, a truly brilliant moment in the Bundesliga has somewhat lifted spirits.

In the first half of FSV Mainz’ trip to Mönchengladbach on Saturday afternoon, goalkeeper Robin Zentner tried to play a pass in his own penalty box.

But somehow, the 23-year-old didn’t realise the ball was at his feet.

On this day in November 2017, a lad from Rüdesheim invented ‘the ghost pass’ – a total fluke that will go down in history as a moment of madness.

Luckily for Zentner, the Mönchengladbach couldn’t capitalise on his mistake and Mainz retained a 1-0 lead in the opening 30 minutes.

What was going through the goalkeeper’s mind is beyond me, but his opposition posted the perfect Tweet shortly after:

Here’s how the rest of social media reacted to Zentner’s blunder against Gladbach at Borussia-Park, this afternoon:



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