New Cast, VFX Breakdown & an Emmy Voter Thinks Westworld is a “Pretentious B******t”


Quite a lot happened in the last two days. IMDb reports actor Hiroyuki Sanada has joined the cast of Westworld Season 2. On his IMDb page, Sanada is listed as playing Musashi (there is a Funko Pop figure called Musashi). The actor is no stranger to the small screen and has appeared in shows like The Last Ship and Lost.

Next up, is MTV’s interview with Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores Abernathy) who says she is being kept a little less in the dark, compared to last season. “She’s [Dolores] a little more awake this season,” the actress said.

Evan, who is as invested in Westworld theories as much the fans are has figured out quite a few things this season just as she had in season 1.

“You know the creators keep saying that the last season was defined by control, this season’s chaos and they really were not kidding,” the actor said adding, “I didn’t think they could shock me anymore but Dolores is a…she’s a new beast.”

Important Looking Pirates, the VFX team behind some of Westworld’s most magical moments (like the one with young Dr. Ford) has uploaded a breakdown of some of its work on the show. The video is worth a watch.


And lastly, THR reports a brutally honest but anonymous member of the TV Academy who thinks Westworld is more hyped than it deserves. He told THR

I really tried with Westworld, but while I was watching it — which I did because my wife loves it and I’m a good husband — I kept thinking to myself, ‘This is pretentious bullshit.

This, of course, didn’t go down well with the fans, who retorted on Facebook with comments like: “Westworld isn’t pretentious at all. Just because a show is complex and deals with Big Ideas does not mean it’s pretentious. Like god forbid a TV show makes you think!”

Enjoy this breakdown of our EMMY nominated work for WESTWORLD!

Posted by ILP – Important Looking Pirates on Friday, September 8, 2017



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