Skydive Through Floating Rings: ‘Fortnite’ Season 3, Week 10 Challenges Leaked Online


Fortnite is about to enter its tenth and final week of Season 3. Battle Pass owners have a little over a week to reach tier 100 and unlock all the Season 3 cosmetics.

The week 10 challenges have leaked online, and there’s quite a few ways to bump your Battle Pass tier up next week, so with a little bit of elbow grease you should have no problem reaching the promised land.

Here are all the challenges coming to Fornite: Battle Royale next week:

Search Chests in Fatal Fields (7)
Deal headshot damage to opponents (250)
Search a Chest in different named locations (12)
Skydive through floating rings (10)
Search between a Stone Circle, Wooden Bridge, and a Red RV (1) (HARD)
Eliminate Opponents (10) (HARD)
Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park (3) (HARD)
This is all thanks to Fortnite Tracker. Hat-tip to both that site and Fortnite Intel, a sister site to CharlieIntel (a Call of Duty website) and a great source of information.

Skydiving through rings sounds like a fun new type of challenge. Should be interesting to see how that shakes out. It’s the first challenge you can do entirely without fear of getting a shotgun shell to the head.

I’m curious to see where the stone circle, wooden bridge and red RV happen to be. All told, if you complete every Week 10 challenge, that’s 50 Battle Stars, or 5 more tiers, toward 100. If you’ve got more than 5 tiers to go you’ll need to complete challenges from past weeks or buy some tiers.

Week 10 marks the final week of Battle Pass Season 3. Season 4 should be interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised to see all those meteors finally make landfall and start busting up the map or injecting new gameplay obstacles into the game. We’ll find out soon enough.

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