Sophie Turner shuts down a fan defending Littlefinger on Twitter


After Game of Thrones ends its Season 7 run fans turned towards twitter to share their views on the epic last episode of the season.

There were many important events took place and one of them was Littlefinger’s death. How smartly stark kids unite themselves against Littlefinger and executed him.

Following the Game of Thrones season finale last Sunday, some fans began to discuss Sansa’s role in Petyr Baelish’s downfall.

One of the Littlefinger fan defended him on Twitter and Sophie Turner replied back.

This is how she replied.

This is What Sophie Tweeted


Sophie Calls Littlefinger a Perv

One fan, in particular, seemed to be on Littlefinger’s side.


It was at this point that Sophie Turner waded in. Hard.



Don’t mess with Sansa. Just don’t do it.

Best to think twice before you go sticking up for Sansa’s enemies in a public forum…

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Lena Headey’s Response To Louis C.K.’s Apology Is Cersei Lannister Level Savage

Lena Headey, star of mega-successful Game of Thrones and also of the rightfully mega-unsuccessful Terminator TV show is a strong, determined woman— much like her character Cersei Lannister on GoT, but maybe a lot less bloodthirsty in person. Although Louis C.K. might not think so. On November 11th, the actress posted a response to the comedian’s ‘apology’ regarding recent sexual misconduct allegations, and she did not hold back.

But first, a quick recap: On November 9th, a New York Times expose featured five women who had publicly come forward to accuse C.K. of sexual misconduct. The next day, the comedian issued a response statement, which was less of an apology and more of a “sorry I got caught” statement. Despite rumors of the comedian’s creepiness pervading the comedy world over the past decade, they had never been so publicly acknowledged until now.

In the statement, C.K. admitted the allegations were true and said “I have been remorseful of my actions.” Overwhelmingly, he referenced how his accusers “admired” and “looked up to” him. Many took issue with this wording, which implied his victims stayed quiet because they perceived him as a Comedy God rather than a peer with the power to destroy their careers. Some also noted that on a very fundamental level, C.K.’s statement not only failed to understand the concept of consent, it completely disregarded the stories told by the majority of his accusers. Worryingly, Louis C.K. is hoping for a career redemption arc.

Lena Headey went in on Louis C.K.’s ‘apology’, writing “Louis CK. The words you wrote are a shitshow of narcissistic cock soup.”





But it didn’t end there. When Twitter user De~Nice responded by asking Headey if she’d rather C.K. had given an even worse statement (re: Weinstein, Spacey) and what more could the comedian have done besides apologizing, Headey pointed out that he didn’t actually apologize.

As mentioned, Louis C.K. whipping his dick out to unsuspecting women has been a known behavior in Hollywood. A Gawker story came out in 2012 which reported on a comedian who forced women to watch him masturbate— At the time everyone assumed this was this C.K., although he vehemently denied it.

The point here being, Louis C.K. isn’t sorry for what he did. He just feels bad he got caught. His statement is not an apology, it is an excuse. And Headey— who was one of the countless women sexually abused by Harvey Weinstein— just proved she won’t go easy on him, or others like him.

Neither should you.

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