Video: Idiot Spurs Fan Urinates Into A Cup And Throws It At West Ham Fans


While West Ham was producing a rousing comeback on the pitch against Tottenham, last night, coming from 2-0 down to beat Spurs 3-2 in the fourth round of the League Cup, one supporter was pissing off, and on, Hammers fans in the stands.

One, as yet unnamed, Spurs fan filmed himself pissing into a plastic cup before launching it towards the travelling West Ham supporters, as fans around him cheered and sparked up a chorus of ‘We hate West Ham’.

Why a fully grown bloke thought getting his dick out while surrounded by people is anyone’s guess, but to then hurl piss across a crowd like you’re the arsehole who thinks it’s hilarious to ruin someone’s night at a gig by drenching them in it is the work of a next level throbber.



Fortunately, with the bloke being stupid enough to allow his face to be seen on camera, it shouldn’t be too hard for Spurs to identify him and ban him from attending any more home games.



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