Westworld teases major character reunion with new photo


HBO has released four new photos from the next episode of Westworld — aptly titled “Reunion” — and one of them teases two major characters meeting.

The key image has Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Maeve (Thandie Newton) coming face-to-face for a major scene. The two characters have met before (but only briefly) in the first season, in Sweetwater — and that was before both were awake and fully realizing they were androids. Now that they’re both rebellion leaders seizing control of the theme park, fans have been wondering if these two are going to meet and team up — or have opposing agendas.

Other images include a new shot of (doomed?) Teddy (James Marsden) and another of The Man in Black (Ed Harris), and it looks like this week we’ll also see when and why Dolores is in swanky formalwear.

Here’s HBO’s latest Westworld preview detailing “the weeks ahead”:

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