What Is The One Piece? — Explained


Hey guys. One Piece is the one of the best anim…manga of all time. It has been running for so long now and it has only gotten better with age just like wine. However, the anime has taken a huge dip in its quality ever since the time skip. Despite running for so long now, we are still left with many unsolved mysteries.

As the series will come to a close sooner or later, the mysteries will be unraveled as well. But, fans like me who aren’t exactly the best when it comes to patience can’t wait for so long. Instead we decide to make our theories that will leave us with some peace of mind. So, today I have decided to unravel probably the biggest muster in One Piece and that is none other than the treasure, One Piece itself.
So, let’s dive right in.
For starters, we know that the One Piece does exist.

It was made clear by Whitebeard as we neared the conclusion of the Paramount War. His last ‘One Piece is Real’, shook the world once again. But, what would the great treasure be? First of all the One Piece could be the last Poneglyph, that is the last Poneglyph. This Poneglyph would give out the information about the details of Void Century.

So, it is something that would suit the end of the series as the Straw Hats find out what happened in the Void Century.
The other possibility is that it is the greatest treasure the world has ever seen. One Piece is a series based on pirates and pirates love treasure more than anything else. But, it would be kind of a let down if after all the hype that One Piece is something more special and something more amazing.

The One Piece is the last great weapon itself. We know that there are three legendary weapons which the entire World is seeking for their own benefits. So, the last great weapon aka Uranus would be the One Piece. I’m assuming that it has power to grant any one wish of the bearer.
That’s it guys. Those are my guesses about the One Piece. If you any better ideas about what the One Piece could be, don’t forget to let me know.



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